Highbury provides public API endpoints for the community to use for consuming and integrating with Highbury, e.g. for setting up and syncing a new archive node or getting the latest block info.

Pruning API

Pruning APIs provide information on the last 1000 blocks, and are useful for getting the latest state and most recent transactions.

Mainnet Pruning API Endpoints

  • rpc.furya.io - HTTP Rest Endpoint
  • api.furya.io - JSON-RPC Endpoint
  • grpc.furya.io - GRPC Endpoint
  • highbury.furya.io - EVM JSON-RPC Endpoint

Default API Rate Limits

To provide fair use of Highbury’s public API capacity, request rate limits are enforced for consumers of the following endpoints as below

  • Mainnet Archive API: 100 requests per 5 minutes
  • Mainnet Pruning API: 1200 requests per 5 minutes
  • Testnet Archive API: 500 requests per 5 minute period