Important Note

The Graph nodes provided by Highbury is only a sandbox. The Graph admin endpoint is made public to allow anyone to be able to use it for testing. Projects should run their own Graph instances in production and avoid exposing the admin endpoint.

Highbury Mainnet

A hosted The Graph node is available to use on Fury EVM.

An example deployed subgraph is available for V2 Uniswap on Highbury EVM Testnet.

Deploying Subgraphs

Install graph-cli

Write your subgraph


You can also use an example project like v2-uniswap.

Upgrade the manifest

Update the network properties in the subgraph.yaml manifest file. The network name for Highbury EVM is Highbury.

Create your subgraph

graph create <subgraph-name> --node

Deploy your subgraph

graph deploy <subgraph-name> --debug --ipfs --node

Note that you can either use your own ipfs node here or

Once deployed, your graph should now be deployed and accessible via the GraphQL Server. It can be access at<subgraph-name>/graphql.


A hosted The Graph node is available on Highbury EVM Testnet.

The network name for Highbury EVM Testnet is Highbury-testnet.