Connect MetaMask

Highbury EVM is compatible with MetaMask, the most popular browser wallet.

Metamask config

To access Highbury EVM, you’ll first need to add Highbury’s network configuration in MetaMask:


Verified Mainnet Contracts



MetaMask account

To send transactions from your account using MetaMask, import your Fury account to MetaMask via private key. You can do so by clicking on the profile picture image and then selecting ‘Import Account’. From the ‘Select Type’ dropdown, select ‘Private Key’.

It’s possible to generate your Fury EVM compatible private key using futool. From the futool repository:

# Start a local dockerized fury blockchain
futool testnet bootstrap --fury.configTemplate evm

# Add an alias to the dockerized fury blockchain
alias dfury='docker exec -it generated_furynode_1 fury'

# Export private key for named account 'validator'
dfury keys unsafe-export-eth-key validator --keyring-backend test
# 8A753652CB29472A01FAECF50EC1244C307B585466B2C52373539DA0100F3CED