Example parameters for the Jinx module:

MoneyMarketsarray (MoneyMarket)[{see below}]Array of params for each supported market
MinimumBorrowUSDValuesdk.Dec10.0Minimum amount an individual user can borrow

Example parameters for MoneyMarket:

Denomstring“bnb”Coin denom of the asset which can be deposited and borrowed
BorrowLimitBorrowLimit[{see below}]Borrow limits applied to this money market
SpotMarketIDstring“bnb:usd”The market id which determines the price of the asset
ConversionFactorInt“6”Conversion factor for one unit (ie BNB) to the smallest internal unit
InterestRateModelInterestRateModel[{see below}]Model which determines the prevailing interest rate per block
ReserveFactorDec“0.01”Percentage of interest that is kept as protocol reserves
KeeperRewardPercentageDec“0.02”Percentage of deposit rewarded to keeper who liquidates a position

Example parameters for BorrowLimit:

HasMaxLimitbool“true”Boolean for if a maximum limit is in effect
MaximumLimitDec“10000000.0”Global maximum amount of coins that can be borrowed
LoanToValueDec“0.5”The percentage amount of borrow power each unit of deposit accounts for

Example parameters for InterestRateModel:

BaseRateAPYDec“0.0”The base rate of APY interest when borrows are zero
BaseMultiplierDec“0.01”The percentage rate at which the interest rate APY increases for each percentage increase in borrow utilization
KinkDec“0.5”The inflection point of utilization at which the BaseMultiplier no longer applies and the JumpMultiplier does
JumpMultiplierDec“0.5”Same as BaseMultiplier, but only applied when utilization is above the Kink