For a general introduction to governance using the Comsos-SDK, see x/gov.

This module provides companion governance functionality to x/gov by allowing the creation of committees, or groups of addresses that can vote on proposals for which they have permission and which bypass the usual on-chain governance structures. Permissions scope the types of proposals that committees can submit and vote on. This allows for committees with unlimited breadth (ie, a committee can have permission to perform any governance action), or narrowly scoped abilities (ie, a committee can only change a single parameter of a single module within a specified range).

Committees are either member committees governed by a set of whitelisted addresses or token committees whose votes are weighted by token balance. For example, the Fury Stability Committee is a member committee that has the ability to protect critical protocol infrastructure by briefly pausing certain functionality; while the Jinx Token Committee allows JINX token holders to participate in governance related to JINX protocol on the Blackfury blockchain. Further, committees can tally votes by either the “first-past-the-post” or “deadline” tallying procedure. Committees with “first-past-the-post” vote tallying enact proposals immediately once they pass, allowing greater flexibility than permitted by x/gov. Committees with “deadline” vote tallying evaluate proposals at their deadline, allowing time for all stakeholders to vote before a proposal is enacted or rejected.