Parameters and genesis state

Paramaters define the rules according to which swaps are executed. Parameter updates can be made via on-chain parameter update proposals.

// Params governance parameters for bep3 module
type Params struct {
	BnbDeputyAddress  sdk.AccAddress `json:"bnb_deputy_address" yaml:"bnb_deputy_address"`     // Bnbchain deputy address
	BnbDeputyFixedFee sdk.Int        `json:"bnb_deputy_fixed_fee" yaml:"bnb_deputy_fixed_fee"` // Deputy fixed fee in BNB
	MinAmount         sdk.Int        `json:"min_amount" yaml:"min_amount"`                     // Minimum swap amount
	MaxAmount         sdk.Int        `json:"max_amount" yaml:"max_amount"`                     // Maximum swap amount
	MinBlockLock      uint64         `json:"min_block_lock" yaml:"min_block_lock"`             // Minimum swap block lock
	MaxBlockLock      uint64         `json:"max_block_lock" yaml:"max_block_lock"`             // Maximum swap block lock
	SupportedAssets   AssetParams    `json:"supported_assets" yaml:"supported_assets"`         // Supported assets

// AssetParam governance parameters for each asset within a supported chain
type AssetParam struct {
	Denom  string  `json:"denom" yaml:"denom"`     // name of the asset
	CoinID int     `json:"coin_id" yaml:"coin_id"` // internationally recognized coin ID
	Limit  sdk.Int `json:"limit" yaml:"limit"`     // asset supply limit
	Active bool    `json:"active" yaml:"active"`   // denotes if asset is active or paused

GenesisState defines the state that must be persisted when the blockchain stops/restarts in order for normal function of the bep3 module to resume.

// GenesisState - all bep3 state that must be provided at genesis
type GenesisState struct {
	Params        Params        `json:"params" yaml:"params"`
	AtomicSwaps   AtomicSwaps   `json:"atomic_swaps" yaml:"atomic_swaps"`
	AssetSupplies AssetSupplies `json:"assets_supplies" yaml:"assets_supplies"`


AtomicSwap stores information about an individual atomic swap, including the sender, recipient, amount, random number hash (used to validate the secret and unlock funds), the status (open, completed, or expired). There are two types of atomic swaps:

  • Incoming: assets are being sent to Fury from another blockchain.
  • Outgoing: assets are being send to another blockchain from Fury.
// AtomicSwap contains the information for an atomic swap
type AtomicSwap struct {
	Amount              sdk.Coins        `json:"amount"  yaml:"amount"`
	RandomNumberHash    tmbytes.HexBytes `json:"random_number_hash"  yaml:"random_number_hash"`
	ExpireHeight        int64            `json:"expire_height"  yaml:"expire_height"`
	Timestamp           int64            `json:"timestamp"  yaml:"timestamp"`
	Sender              sdk.AccAddress   `json:"sender"  yaml:"sender"`
	Recipient           sdk.AccAddress   `json:"recipient"  yaml:"recipient"`
	SenderOtherChain    string           `json:"sender_other_chain"  yaml:"sender_other_chain"`
	RecipientOtherChain string           `json:"recipient_other_chain"  yaml:"recipient_other_chain"`
	ClosedBlock         int64            `json:"closed_block"  yaml:"closed_block"`
	Status              SwapStatus       `json:"status"  yaml:"status"`
	Direction           SwapDirection    `json:"direction"  yaml:"direction"`

// SwapStatus is the status of an AtomicSwap
type SwapStatus byte

const (
	NULL      SwapStatus = 0x00
	Open      SwapStatus = 0x01
	Completed SwapStatus = 0x02
	Expired   SwapStatus = 0x03

// SwapDirection is the direction of an AtomicSwap
type SwapDirection byte

const (
	INVALID  SwapDirection = 0x00
	Incoming SwapDirection = 0x01
	Outgoing SwapDirection = 0x02

AssetSupply stores information about an individual asset’s BEP3 supply:

  • Incoming supply: total amount in incoming swaps (being sent to the chain).
  • Outgoing supply: total amount in outgoing swaps (being sent off the chain). It cannot be greater than the current supply.
  • Current supply: the amount that the deputy has released - it is the active supply on Fury. It is equal to the total amount successfully claimed from incoming swaps minus the total amount claimed from outgoing swaps.
  • Supply limit: the maximum amount currently allowed on Fury. The supply limit can be increased by Fury’s stability committee, subject to an on-chain proposal vote.
// AssetSupply contains information about an asset's supply
type AssetSupply struct {
	Denom          string   `json:"denom"  yaml:"denom"`
	IncomingSupply sdk.Coin `json:"incoming_supply"  yaml:"incoming_supply"`
	OutgoingSupply sdk.Coin `json:"outgoing_supply"  yaml:"outgoing_supply"`
	CurrentSupply  sdk.Coin `json:"current_supply"  yaml:"current_supply"`
	SupplyLimit    sdk.Coin `json:"supply_limit"  yaml:"supply_limit"`