Quick Reference

Get a list of all keys

fury keys list

Query Account

fury q account <fury-addr>

View Staking Delegations

fury q staking delegations <fury-addr>

Claim staking rewards

fury tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --gas 650000 --gas-prices 0.01ufury --from <fury-addr or key name>

Querying outstanding staking rewards

fury q distribution rewards <fury-addr>

Claim staking from individual validator

fury tx distribution withdraw-rewards <fury-validator-addre (starts with furyvaloper)> --gas 650000 --gas-prices 0.01ufury --from <fury-addr or key name>

Claiming FURY Delegator rewards (yielding JINX and JINXY)

fury tx incentive claim-delegator --multiplier jinx=large,jinxy=large --from <fury-addr or key name> --gas 800000 --gas-prices 0.01ufury

Querying outstanding JINX rewards

fury q incentive rewards --type delegator --owner <fury-address>

View JINX Incentives

fury q incentive rewards --type jinx --owner <fury-address>

Claim JINX Incentives

fury tx incentive claim-jinx --multiplier jinx=large --multiplier ufury=large --from <fury-addr or key name> --gas 800000 --gas-prices 0.01ufury

Send Coins

fury tx bank send <from> <to> <amount (100ufury for example)> --memo [memo] --gas-prices 0.01ufury

Query Transaction Status Using TX Hash

fury q tx <tx_hash>

Query Transactions Using events

fury q txs --events message.actions=swap_deposit

Adding a Key to Ledger

fury keys add <key-name> --account <account-index> --legacy-hd-path --ledger